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Entrepreneur | Investor | Researcher


Omar Faruk Shihab AKA SHIHABSKYTAR is a Bangladeshi entrepreneur, digital marketer, and cyber security specialist. He is the founder and executive chairman of Student Hours; an early-stage investor and co-founder of  The Wedding Times; founder of SHIHABSKYTAR.


Name: Omar Faruk Shihab 
Nickname: Shihab
Stage Name: SKYTAR
Age: 22 years
Zodiac: Gemini
Birthplace: Dhaka 🏢
Nationality: Bangladeshi 🇧🇩
Religion: Muslim 📿
Blood Group: A Positive 🩸
Height: 172cm (5ft 8inches) 🚶🏼‍♂️
Body Type: Athletic ⛹🏼‍♂️


Omar Faruk Shihab Education

Omar Faruk Shihab Education

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Gaming Career

Omar Faruk Shihab Gaming Career

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Software Skills

Adobe Photoshop Expert. Adobe Certified Associate 2017.

3D CAD & Arch.

Web Languages

Freelance Marketplace


Graphic Designer & Front-End Developer

Working and managing with own company.

Content Creator & SMM


Working as a niche content creator.


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“You cannot change what you are, only what you do.”
“Silence is a best reply to a fool.”
“One lie is enough to question all the truths.”  

“Practice makes a man perfect!”

“Don’t wait for the perfect moment, Take a moment and make it Perfect”

“Life is like a balloon...🎈 If you never let it go, you will not know how high can you rise 🔥”  

"Anger trip me heaven to hell..."  

“Knowledge is worth as much as gold”

"If anything is FREE! Than you're the PRODUCT.."

More Facts

Hobby: Music, Workout.
Favourite Person: Secret. ⻁
Favourite Writer: Humayun Ahmed 🌐.
Favourite Singer: Habib Wahid 🌐, Faydee 🌐, Arash 🌐.
Favourite Dancer: Lexy Panterra 🌐.
Favourite Actor/Actress: Afran Nisho 🌐.
Favourite DJ's: DJ IMUT 🎧
Secret Star's: View
Favourite Models: View
Leisure: Playing PUBG, FreeFire & Clash of Clans, Enjoying Music through earphones or Social Media Scrolling. (✖)
Source of Inspiration: My fans and the people around me.
Achievements: Appreciation and love.
Memorable Moments: The excitement of getting a smartphone for the first time ever! Which my mother gift when I entered a teenager and a Computer gifted by my father.
The Secret of Success: Hard work and intelligence.
Hatred: Hypocrite & Liar
Fear: Backbiters.
Sensitive About: My Creation.
Sentimental About: Being hurt by near and dear ones.
Biggest Assets: My creativity, frankness, simplicity, sense of humour, and conduct.
Superstitious about: If I get any hindrances when I am about to start to work.
Dream-girl: None.
Boredom: Work fewer days.
Touches Most: Love.
Message for Fans: Love people.
Future Plans: Time will say everything... 😇❤
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Omar Faruk Shihab
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