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I amOmar Faruk Shihab, A Computer Engineer And AR/VR/Innovation/Gaming Enthusiast.
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Latest Posts

Blogger Conditional Tags: How to Use Them for Different Page Types

The Ultimate Guide to Using Blogger Conditional Tags The Ultimate Guide to Using Blogger Conditional Tags for Dynamic Page Customization Blogger cond…

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Bypass Windows 11 Requirements In this blog post, we will provide a step-by-step guide on how to bypass the requirements for installing Windows…

Unleash Your Digital Twin: Create an AI Character with Your Face

Are you tired of writing prompts? Here' the custom prompt as per your needs . Sitting over Facebook Profile Create a 3D illustration …

Mastering Visual Storytelling: The Power of AI Image Prompts

Embark on a captivating journey into the realm of visual storytelling, where the fusion of creativity and artificial intelligence unlocks a new dimen…

What is Artificial General Intelligence (AGI)? Why it's Stronger than Today's AI?

AGI Since its commencement, artificial intelligence( AI) has advanced significantly. moment's AI systems are incredibly important and suitable fo…

PixelLab Not Showing PLP File [NO BACKUP] | (Problem Solved)

Photo: @shihabskytar As far as I know, because of Android 11, your PixelLab backup file will be saved into the Device's internal storage. But the…

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